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The Economic Supply Centre (NDGDM ESC) of the National Directorate General for Disaster Management of the Ministry of Interior (NDGDM) is a law enforcement body of the professional disaster management organisation, which operates independently.

The tasks of the organisation include the centralised calculation of salaries of the disaster management bodies, the performance of certain economic and management tasks of the Disaster Management Education Centre and of the Pest County Disaster Management Directorate, as well as the provision of central logistical support to the NDGDM: financial and technical insurance, the operation of motor vehicles and the performance of IT-telecommunications tasks. 
The center has been coordinating the national mosquito control program since 2013. As of 1 July 2016, its tasks have been further expanded by the organisation of the performance of chimney sweeping activities at national level.

The storage, transport and operation of national disaster management items and equipment is of paramount importance. ESC also ensures the continuous maintenance of the HUNOR professional search and rescue organisation's assets and the logistical background of its operational capacity. The Economic Supply Centre performs the maintenance, operation and renovation of certain disaster management properties, civil protection objects and residential properties for the purpose of housing and accommodation for law enforcement workers. In Balatonföldvár he operates the Jogar Training Centre and Hotel, as well as the Naro Camping.

The ESC participates in the implementation of donation and assistance support measures in the framework of international disaster assistance and assistance requests, and also supports the implementation of ongoing domestic and international projects.

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